Pacific Salmon Fishing

Pacific Salmon are abundant on the coast of Vancouver Island. We are smack dab in the middle of the great migration route for all 5 species of Salmonoids, Chinook, Spring, Tyee, Black mouth, 4 to 7 year life cycle before spawning, Coho or silver 2 - 4 yr cycle, Sockeye, Red Salmon 4 - 5 yr cycle, Chum or dog salmon 4 yr cycle, Humpback or pinks 3 - 4 yr life cycle. All these species come right down the west coast of Vancouver island giving me the chance to take you out and get some. My main target for salmon are the Chinook salmon. This species is right here off Sooke year round with a range from 5 to 40 lbs. Spring, Summer and Fall we get the big ones, spawning time with the peak being in early august. The Fraser river is the main target river for these Salmon that have an innate and magical sense of when it is there turn to go up the river to spawn from there long time home and feeding grounds from the Bering Sea to Oregon and as far down as the Baja California. The smaller Chinook, 2-3 yr olds are called Winter Springs and are feeding constantly to fatten up for there spawn time in 4 - 7 yrs. Tyees Chinook Salmon 30lbs and over are not really feeding but they take a slash at a bait or spoon coming by there mouth because they always have done this feeding in the winter spring years and also travel in the packs of bait that are abundant on the Southern Vancouver Island because they are comfortable in these bait balls. I can see the big marks on the fish finder when a pack of bait comes thru the screen there are big green marks in there too. The smaller Salmon can be targeted also, like Coho out in the deep water 400 - 600 'that are making there way to the rivers inside of Vancouver Island yee haaa its all fun and games out here so come on out and get a fresh one today!

Bob Richell of Fresh One Fishing Charters

Bob Richell has experienced many different types of fishing in his life & travels. Originally from Southern California, Bob has enjoyed big game fishing such as the Marlin Fish which is considered by many game fishermen to be the pinnacle of offshore game fishing, due to the size and power of marlin, relative rareness and difficulty of capture. It is also expensive, requiring considerable money to pursue as a regular hobby. Bob has also experienced Tuna fishing at its best & travelled to many fishing destinations in Mexico, Australia & New Zealand.

Bob's comment on top fishing places in the world & where best to go?... He says, "The southern westcoast area of Vancouver Island is Canada's best! Affordable World Class fishing at your doorstep".

As a member of the Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society and being an accredited Captain, you can be sure you will be offered a safe and aware fishing charter. There are a number of different fishing & golfing trips you can enjoy with the influence & hospitality of Mr Bob Richell of Fresh One Fishing Charters.