Pacific Halibut Fishing

The Pacific Halibut are abundant in the salt waters of the Pacific Northwest. These fish are from 15lbs - 300lbs and are sought after from the commercial and sports sector. Halibut migrate from Alaska to Oregon and as far south as the Baja California although these southern cousins are of the southern halibut species. Vancouver Island and especially the waters off Sooke and Victoria are prime for the Pacific Halibut. Bait for Halibut is here year round in the form of Herring, Octopus, Sardines, Rock fish, Crab, Green Ling Cod and all the species of Salmon that get shoved out of the rivers along the west coast of Vancouver Island in the fall through the winter months.

Anchoring for Halibut is the way I like to fish although drifting or down rigger fishing for Salmon close to the bottom catch Halibut. Habitat for the Halibut are the same as all other species of fish that ambush the bait fish. Behind a big bolder or at the bottom of an up or down welling water current will hold Halibut. Halibut will also be resting down in the sand on gravel beds but close to rocks so they can feed when the tide changed direction bringing the bait around for the feeding frenzy. Bite times for Halibut come at the same time as the Salmon bite, on the change of tide so when taking clients out for Halibut and Salmon 1 has to choose for the day which species you would like to be your prime target. I do catch Halibut and salmon in the same day!

Technology with the new websites that can predict the tide changes have made it much more efficient to book these types of Charters, we can book up to a year in advance of knowing ok ,show up at 6 am or 9am or 6pm for an evening fish to catch the bite time, so come on down to the fresh one and get your Halibut today!

Halibut Fishing with Fresh One Fishing Charters

Bob Richell has experienced many different types of fishing in his life & travels. Originally from Southern California, Bob has enjoyed big game fishing such as the Marlin Fish which is considered by many game fishermen to be the pinnacle of offshore game fishing, due to the size and power of marlin, relative rareness and difficulty of capture. It is also expensive, requiring considerable money to pursue as a regular hobby. Bob has also experienced Tuna fishing at its best & travelled to many fishing destinations in Mexico, Australia & New Zealand.

Bob's comment on top fishing places in the world & where best to go?... He says, "The southern westcoast area of Vancouver Island is Canada's best! Affordable World Class fishing at your doorstep".

As a member of the Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society and being an accredited Captain, you can be sure you will be offered a safe and aware fishing charter. There are a number of different fishing & golfing trips you can enjoy with the influence & hospitality of Mr Bob Richell of Fresh One Fishing Charters.